Galápagos: Wildlife Wonderland on Santa Cruz Ii

09/24/2020 through 12/16/2020
09/24/2020 through 12/26/2020

Galápagos: Wildlife Wonderland

Mysteries of the “enchanted islands” that time forgot, a virtual wildlife wonderland… but how did the birds, reptiles and small mammals, found nowhere else on Earth, first make their way here… what is the real story behind the disappearance of the Galápagos Tortoise… how did naturalist Charles Darwin miss the pink iguana – discovered 150 years after his visit but millions of years old… Get ready to sleuth!

This eight-day family adventure takes guests to the exotic Galápagos Islands, a region rich with a variety of local wildlife, flourishing flora and on-island excursions. Sailing through the four-island system by panga and by expedition ship, Santa Cruz II, as you and your family take in the beautiful views on both land and sea. Across this island society; explore the lagoons on Baltra Island that have a variety of birds within its ecosystem including pintail ducks, flamingos and stilts. Snorkel in Santiago Island in Buccaneer Cove where local sea lions may sneak up alongside you and surprise you. Hike up Bartolomé Island accompanied by incredible views at the summit. See the intricacies of the island firsthand! From the red sand of Jervis Island to the marine iguanas who forage for food in the sea, even the crabs are different here, with their bright red and yellow shells that provide quite a contrast to the black-lava rocks of these volcanic islands. Learn from Galápagos naturalists who travel with you… take walks on lave terrains… travel ashore via pangas… swim and snorkel… And much more!


Day 1 Quito, Ecuador
Day 2 Quito, Ecuador
Day 3 Quito, Ecuador
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7 Guayaquil, Ecuador
Day 8 Guayaquil, Ecuador

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