The 10 Goofiest Looking Dinosaurs That Actually Wandered This World

Not everyone can have those T-Rex, leading-man good looks.

We all feel a reflexive awww when we think about the dinosaurs who roamed the earth millions of years before human beings came in from stage left. Their majestic size and impossible anatomy sets our imagination alight, wondering how it must feel to see a brachiosaurus reaching up to eat the leaves of a tree or a carnosaur brutally dispatching its quarry. But not all dinosaurs were lucky enough to get the Spielberg treatment. These evolutionary mulligans had great ideas, like huge arms and fringed bones, but they ultimately didn’t work out. While I salute their adventurous experimental spirit, I’m still going to roast them in a listicle.

Inside the World’s 10 Most Notorious Plagues and Pandemics

You think we have it bad…

COVID-19 may be the first pandemic that we’ve personally experienced, but global outbreaks of disease have been around since the beginning of time. While they’ve devastated populations, they’ve also altered world history, spawned management techniques (hello, social distancing), and even provided lessons—most importantly that life does go on. Here’s a look at some of the world’s most infamous plagues and pandemics, and how each one finally got out of the mess.

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