17 Ways to Make Maps Look Seriously Fashionable

  • 17 Ways to Make Maps Look Seriously Fashionable

    Old-fashioned maps, once a traveler’s best friend, have fallen into oblivion thanks to the GPS on our smartphones. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t take them along with us on our voyage.

    Maps. For millennia, without them, travelers would have been lost. Once the most important tool in an explorer’s tool kit, maps have gone the way of the watch and the camera—unceremoniously replaced by the smartphone. Now, GPS or even Siri’s helpful voice can direct any traveler to the correct destination with nary a misstep or a backtrack. No longer is there a need for a big, clumsy map that always got ripped and seemed to actively fight against being refolded back to its original position. For all its drawbacks, the map is a beautiful object, an inspiration to so many who traced their fingertips across its surface and dreamed of where they could end up. Luckily, designers continue to use the map as their muse. From seriously high-style to kitschy and fun, maps have found their way onto clothing and baubles. And while these pieces might not get you where you need to go, you’ll sure look good getting there in them.

    Staud Clothing

  • A Skirt With Maps on It

    A crepe mini skirt with a pair of red X’s indicating where the secret treasure is buried. If you’re not afraid to go matchy mappy, you can pair it with the coordinating crop top.

    Staud Cod Map Skirt is $165 and matching Caspia Top is $145. In XS-XL.

    Staud Clothing

  • A Dress With Maps on It

    For all the flat-earthers, this asymmetric seersucker georgette dress with a ribbon drawstring waist and smocked neck should convince you otherwise. The short sleeved and floaty fabric make it perfect for a jaunt to Italia, the country that it portrays. The Derek Lam Map dress is $595 and comes in Sizes 0-10.

    Derek Lam

  • A Jumpsuit With Maps on It

    Go everywhere in this sleeveless beige map print jumpsuit. The button-up front, Mandarin collar, and diagonal pockets make this onesie a keeper. The Map Print Jumpsui t by Brazilian designer Andrea Marques is on sale for $323.


  • And Here Is a Scarf With Maps on It

    Everyone knows a scarf is a traveler’s best friend. When you’re on the road, scarves serve septuple duty as a headwrap, shrug, towel, sarong, blanket, neck pillow, and even a towel if you’re in a jam. And with this oversized scarf by Faliero Sarti, who knows, you might even be able to use it find your way back home if your phone dies. The Italian-made cashmere-cotton blend Oversized Map Print Scarf by Faliero Sarti is $268.


  • A Silk Lounge Set With (You Guessed It) Maps on It

    Dream of faraway destinations in this silk lounge set and then pack it in your bag and go there. Postcard Silk Blouse by Eucalyptus is $298 and matching wide-leg drawstring lounge pants are $298. Sizes are XXS-L .

    Burning Torch

  • Yet Another Map Dress

    Make tracks in this no muss no fuss simple shift dress emblazoned with a world map. World Map Print Dress is $74 on Etsy in XS-XL. Handmade by MadosButas.


  • A Bathing Suit Map

    You’ll have the entire Southern Hemisphere at your rear in this splashy one-piece. The One-Piece Tank Bathing Suit is $128 in XS-XL.

    Show Me Your Mumu

  • Map Shoes

    Map out your next jaunt with these World Map Print Running Shoes for women in sizes 5-12 $69.99.


  • Map Socks

    We’ll forgive you if you want to wear these socks with sandals so you can knock everyone else’s your socks off with how cute they are. Map Knee High Socks are $15 in both men’s and women’s sizes.

    Living Royal

  • A Map Bag

    This day-trip sized crossbody leather bag has a certain worldly appeal, wouldn’t you say? The Patricia Nash Print Leather Crossbody is on sale for $89.40.


  • A Map Watch as Well

    In the olden days when travelers landed in a new time zone, the pilot would announce the correct time over the PA system and all the passengers, like clockwork, would remove their wristwatches to wind the little dial to update the time. Take this world map wristwatch on your next trip to work that throwback move upon touchdown. The Olivia Pratt World Map Leather Strap Watch comes in five colors and costs $20.


  • Map Heels

    Kitschy kitten heels, anyone? These map-printed pumps will most certainly serve as a conversation starter. Find the World Map Pumps for $43.99 on Amazon.


  • A Map Cuff

    The perfect signature piece for jet setters, a 24K gold-plated cuff with a laser cut out of the world. The World Cuff by Cristina Ramella is $350.


    Cristina Ramella

  • A Shirt That Is Map, but Specifically of London

    Alexander McQueen knows how to do maps in style. This men’s London Map Print Cotton Silk Twill Shirt in Black may be inspired by London but you can go anywhere in it.


  • Another Map Shirt for You

    Do you know that old stereotype about men not liking to ask for directions? Well, they won’t need to in this a vintage-style crew neck map print T. The Asos Relaxed T-Shirt is $20.50 and comes in sizes XXS-XXL.


  • A Map Tote Bag

    Everyone will want to know where you’re going when you throw this map tote over your shoulder. With twin handles and a detachable strap, this cotton satchel can take you over the hills and far away and back again. The Reese Cooper Khaki Map Tote is $250.

    Reese Cooper

  • Last, but Not Least: a Map Hoodie

    One of the many benefits of a map hoodie is its got enough surface area to fit the names of all the world’s capitals. Throw this bad boy on and plan your next trip. World Map Print Long Sleeve Hoodie is $25.16 in sizes S-2XL.


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